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NONA Desalination is a company where you are able to learn, develop and thrive. Whether you are an experienced professional, a recent graduate, or a rising college senior, there are limitless opportunities to make a real difference with us, helping provide sustainable treated water solutions for communities that need them the most.


Mechanical Design
Engineer Intern

This role is designed to help our co-founder and lead technologist take his invention from the lab to production. We are looking for a talented engineer who can help translate our new technology into detailed CAD models and drawings that can be used by our contract manufacturing partner to produce the product.

Marketing and
Communications Intern

This role is to assist the CEO in setting up and running the communications and marketing function of the business. It is critical to us in the next few months to establish a legitimate web presence, communicate effectively with customers and other stakeholders, and put systems in place to minimize time spent on administrative tasks.

If you're interested,
kindly apply through our LinkedIn Jobs page.

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