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The suitcase-sized device, which requires less power to operate than a cell phone charger, can also be driven by a small, portable solar panel, which can be purchased online for around $50. It automatically generates drinking water that exceeds World Health Organization quality standards. 

​Health & Safety Standards

noNa Technologies values the importance of health, safety and welfare in all aspects of its production.

As such, the company guarantees that works carried out during the execution of all its projects are in accordance with the relevant statutory provisions and that all reasonably practicable measures are taken to avoid risk to employees and others who may be affected.

Management and supervisory staff are responsible for implementing the company's Health and Safety Policy, to ensure that safe working practices are developed and maintained, and that health and safety considerations are always given equal priority in planning and day-to-day supervision of projects.

To manage safety risks, all those involved in a project are reminded that:

  1. All noNa employees are to make health and safety their number one priority

  2. Safety is an important consideration, not only for noNa employees but for any sub-contractors involved in a project and the wider local community

noNa Technologies applies a structured approach to the prevention and minimisation of occupational health and safety risk, and also seeks to mitigate unsafe acts and conditions, to eliminate harmful physical and chemical working environment conditions, and to improve occupational health and safety awareness.

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