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“Improve the resiliency of humankind and the ecosystems in which we live. We do this by creating futuristic water treatment solutions which are more accessible and more sustainable because of their superior design.”

We believe that if desalination becomes less complicated and easier to use, it will be used more broadly, which will ultimately bring cost down


We believe that water is a precious - and limited- resource.

Our vision is first and foremost that individuals and communities have access to clean water- no matter the circumstance.


We want to create a world where people can safely use (or re-use) water that is readily available to them so that they don’t have to seek out external water sources which are potentially destructive to the environment.

Hear from our founders.

We have a dream of developing a compact water-desalination device that requires less electricity than a cell phone charger.

See how we realize it. 

We are J-WAFS 2021 Creative Communication Judges Choice Award Winner in the World Water Day Video Competition with our ICPWaterTech innovation.


Our presented solution: A briefcase-style portable seawater desalination unit using the ICP technology is introduced. It is a newly developed technology that can remove both total dissolved solids and total suspended solids using electrical power. It requires 15~20 Wh/L to produce drinking water assisted by a battery chargeable by a solar panel.

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