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  • How much will it cost?
    Pricing has not been determined yet, but NONA products will be priced comparably to similar units that use Reverse Osmosis.
  • When will NONA products be available to buy?
    We plan to sell our first units in 2024, but we are collecting customer interest now. Please add your name to our waitlist for a consumer unit, or schedule a call with us to discuss a commercial unit.
  • Does NONA remove salt from water (desalinate)?
    Yes! NONA can remove enough salt from seawater to get it below the WHO's standard for good drinking water.
  • Can NONA remove bacteria, viruses, and cysts from water?
  • Is this real?
    It's real! We have working prototypes that have been demonstrated in real-world environments (TRL5). You can watch a video demonstration of one of our prototypes on the About page.
  • How does NONA work?
    NONA desalinates (removes dissolved solids like salt) and purifies (removes suspended solids like pathogens and dirt) using a new process invented at MIT called Ion Concentration Polarization (ICP). In the most basic terms, ICP uses an electromagnet to pull salt and pathogens out of water. For a slightly more in-depth answer check out the About page. To get an in-depth look at the technology, review the publication linked below or send us a note.
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